Good science and bad English?

Journal publications are the currency of science. How you write something is as important as what you write. Don’t let language style and grammar stand in your way. I can help you ensure your science is communicated

I edit academic manuscripts, books, reviews, conference posters, grant proposals, etc. – whatever you need polished!

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All information you provide is secure; 100% confidentiality is guaranteed.


If the edited text is rejected on account of the  language quality, I offer free re-editing or a money-back guarantee.


All changes to your document are tracked. You make the final decision on each correction.

Erin Gleeson

Chief editor


My mission is to ensure that your document clearly and concisely communicates your findings. Each new study helps to push the frontiers of knowledge, but only when it can be understood by your peers and colleagues. Clear and grammatically correct wording not only focuses readers on the important findings, it also accelerates the publication process. At SciencEdit.CH, every document is given a thorough and thoughtful edit for style and presentation in addition to revisions for proper English. This ensures that your research is widely accessible and maximizes its potential to make a significant impact.

Why edit?

If you’re reluctant to pay to have your document edited, consider the investment you have already put into it, and the research behind it. The cost of professional editing is minor in light of the benefits that can be gained in terms of getting your manuscript reviewed, published, and properly received. Don’t let shaky English grammar and style stand in the way of letting your science speak for itself!

How it works

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Once you have submitted your document for editing, I will send you an email with an expected completion date, an invoice, and instructions for proceeding with your payment.

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Easy electronic transfer via PayPal, TransferWise, or bank wire. Details will be provided in your confirmation email.

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Your document will be returned with tracked changes, suggestions, and comments. I am always available for questions and follow-up work as needed.

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